The owners

Veteran Owned

James and Jon Carmody are twin brothers and best friends. They grew up in Amish Country, Pennsylvania, where they learned to love working with their hands. They spent five years working in the family electric business and then worked building houses with the Amish–the masters of carpentry. They both served in the military and when Jon got out of the Navy, they road tripped across the country to put down roots in Florida. They are passionate about crafting beautiful pieces of woodwork that incorporate their rustic roots. When not working with their hands, James enjoys playing the bagpipes and Jon loves creating at the piano. They also enjoy playing for weddings and events, *available upon request. 

Locally Crafted

James and Jon’s workshop is based in a garage in Seminole Heights, so they currently do not have a show space.However, they are available to transport mirrors to your location for viewing, by appointment. They dream of one day owning the land to build their own workshop and creative space!

“All great businesses start in a small garage.” 

-James Carmody